Q: BLOX, or no BLOX?

A; Seems kind of obvious. BLOX, of course, unless you like being slow, and are opposed to being fast.

How do I get my BLOX apart?

The magnets are holding your BLOX together with 4.3 lbs of pull, so as long as you apply at least 4.4 lbs of pressure to pull them apart, you should be able to separate them.

Once I have my BLOX apart, how do I get them back together?

To "nest" your BLOX together, place the two surfaces with the spikes sticking out together. If they do not fit at first, rotate one of the BLOX 180 degrees, and try again. The spikes of one BLOX should "nest" in the holes of the opposite BLOX, and vice versa. When they are "nested" properly, the magnets of each BLOX will hold the BLOX together and they will form a perfect square box shape.

How do I use my BLOX?

Once you have figured out how to separate your BLOX, nest them back together, put them in your bag and go to a track. Place your BLOX on the track, staggering them to your comfort level to fit your starting stance. Practice your starts by pushing off the BLOX with your feet. You are now on your way to achieving a better start.

Can I use BLOX on any track?

BLOX can be used on any outdoor track and some indoor tracks. Outdoor tracks have rubberized surfaces, so the spikes on the bottom of the BLOX will stick into the rubber and grip very well. Check with your indoor track administrator before using BLOX on any indoor surface. If the indoor track allows runners to use spikes in their shoes, then BLOX will also be safe to use, as they have the exact same spikes as track shoes have.

Which side of my BLOX is top and which side is bottom?

The top side of your BLOX has the surface with the grooves. This is where you place your feet for traction. The bottom side of your BLOX has the spikes sticking out, as well as the magnet in the center. BLOX should be placed with the bottom side down, so the spikes stick into the track surface. The spikes are sharp, so you should not place your BLOX upside down, or the spikes may impale your shoes and feet.

What should I do if I place my BLOX upside down, stand on them, and now I have holes in the bottom of my shoes and feet?

If you have placed your BLOX upside down, stood on them, and now have bloody holes in the bottom of your feet, you should seek medical attention immediately. Once your feet have healed, you should also review the above questions and instructions as to how to properly use your BLOX and which side is top and which side is bottom.

Will BLOX make me faster?

Yes, BLOX will make you faster, but the more specific question is "Will BLOX allow me to have a faster start?". Having a faster start means you will have lower times. BLOX will help you achieve a faster start, which will create lower times. So, if you are measuring "getting faster" by having lower times, then, yes, BLOX will make you faster.

What should I do when the other runners get jealous because I keep beating them in races thanks to my explosive starts from BLOX?

That is a common side-effect and one of the downsides of owning and training with BLOX. Unfortunately, most athletes do not like to lose when they race. If they accepted losing to you without being mad or jealous, that would make it much easier on you, but that is usually not the case. So, you have two choices when you encounter these disgruntled runners, ignore them while you figure out where to hang all of your medals from the races you are winning, or tell them about BLOX so they can get better (and stop being mad at you).

Is it normal to feel sorry for the other athletes who are not using BLOX?

Yes, this is a common feeling for athletes using BLOX. Your starts become technically better and so much more explosive than before you used BLOX that it seems unfair for anyone not to be using them. Many athletes utilize a sports psychologist to help them navigate the various stresses involved in sports participation. You could seek out a professional such as this so you can unburden yourself from having to feel sorry for those athletes who do not know about or choose not to use BLOX. You could also tell other athletes about BLOX, which will most likely decrease the amount of guilt you feel for beating them so frequently while you use BLOX and they do not. Check with your sports psychologist, as the amount of guilt you are able to lift from your conscience may vary.

Is it OK to keep BLOX all to myself, or should I tell other people where I got them?

That depends. If you are dealing with athletes who are being mean to you because you keep beating them thanks to your Ignite BLOX advantage, then no, do not tell them about where to get BLOX. We do not want mean people using and abusing BLOX. However, there have been examples of mean athletes getting much more friendly and nice when they begin using BLOX. These individuals become nice people once they achieve better starts and better times. In these cases, BLOX actually helped transform a mean athlete into a nice one. Your decision to share BLOX wiith others must be made on a case-by-case basis as you see fit, but in most cases, it will be beneficial for you to tell others about BLOX.

Would BLOX make a good Christmas present?

BLOX would make an excellent gift for Christmas. BLOX also makes a great gift for other special occasions, such as birthdays. There have also been discussions about creating a National "Get Faster" Day, which would be a perfect occasion to give someone BLOX as a gift. Anytime you want to help someone get faster, it is acceptable to give them BLOX. It does not have to be on a specific holiday.

Should I get my girlfriend BLOX for Valentine's Day, instead of flowers?

Yes, BLOX would be perfect for Valentine's Day. BLOX will not wilt and die after a few days, like flowers, so your girlfriend will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness and practicality you demonstrate by giving her BLOX. Instead of flowers, make her dinner, where you can use BLOX as a centerpiece on the table. A candle can be placed on the BLOX, concealing it until you are ready to unveil your perfect gift for her. Buy her BLOX for Valentine's Day, and you will get a response like no other. Trust us, it is the right move.

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