Football: Achieve Your Fastest 40 Yard Dash

Portable track starting blocks that help you dominate in the FAST LANE! Compact & lightweight patented design. Easily and safely transportable. Ignite BLOX will help you train for a perfect 40 yard dash start.

Ignite the most important 4 seconds of your life.

football player running with the ball while defender tries to tackle

"The 40"

So simple. So important. So daunting. There is not another number in all of sports that creates as much excitement, drama and anxiety as "The 40".

Ripping off a blazing 40 Yard Dash time can mean millions of dollars to a college player looking to solidify his place in the draft.

Equally as important, a high school or college player can do more than raise the eyebrows of his coaches when he enters camp in the fall and crushes his teammates in pre-season testing. It shows the coaches you have worked hard and done more than everyone else; you are ready to play this season.

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football player running with the ball for a touchdown

40 Yard Dash Training

Training for the 40 has gone way beyond an obsession. There are many trainers in business solely to train football players for Combine testing. Every aspect of the 40 has been broken down to the finest detail, but no matter what kind of training you do, the START is by far the most important aspect of the 40 Yard Dash.

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fast football player runs with the ball towards the endzone

The Ignite BLOX Advantage

Enter Ignite BLOX. The world's first and only portable track starting blocks. Football players will always hit the track to get a speed workout. Weighing in at less than 1 pound, you can put Ignite BLOX in your gym bag and take them anywhere to train.

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football player running with the ball while the defender attempts to stop a touchdown

A Stronger Start = A Faster Finish

It all begins with the start. If you have an explosive start, you will lower your 40 Yard Dash time...guaranteed.

Training with Ignite BLOX allows you to develop and perfect the ideal 3 point start for your 40 Yard Dash.

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Ignite BLOX - The world's first and only portable starting blocks.

Compact & Lightweight Patented Design

Easily carried in a gym bag, Ignite BLOX weigh 10 ounces and measure 4.5” squared x 2” tall in comparison to traditional starting blocks, which can weigh 25 pounds and up to 1 foot wide and 2 feet long making them difficult to transport.

US Patent #11,376,519

Safely Covered Spikes

When Ignite BLOX are nested together, the spikes are covered to prevent anything in your bag from being damaged during transport.

Choose Your Spikes for Ultimate Traction

Ignite BLOX use actual track spikes, angled to grip the track surface, so you can put any size or style of spikes in your BLOX, customizing them to your own personal preference.


track runner exploding out of starting blocks
track lanes with trees and clouds in the background

Ignite rocks and I would never train for my 40 without BLOX!

Tanner G

My starts have never been faster, thanks to Ignite BLOX!

Matt E

I'm the fastest kid every time I race thanks to the training I am doing with Ignite BLOX!

Anna K

My 40 times keep dropping because I can now train anywhere with BLOX!

Eric F
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